Building a Bolder, Better Alaska.

Foundation For The Plan:

Alaska has a spending problem, plain and simple.

Instead of implementing income and sales taxes, lawmakers should focus on creating an effective constitutional cap to rein in spending – not forcing Alaskans to give even more of their hard-earned cash to the government,”
Americans for Prosperity-Alaska Community Engagement Director,
Sarah Hetemi

Alaska is failing to lead where it counts.

Alaska is regularly ranked worst of the pack on most state rankings . It’s time for communities to work with the legislature to turn our collective vision into reality through our grassroots efforts.

Policies AFP-AK will build upon:

So how do we measure success?

Annually all 50 states are ranked on their economic competitiveness.
We think this is a great place to start.

Fraser Institute - (Alaska: 40th)

Freedom in the 50 States - (Alaska: 24th)

Rich States, Poor States - (Alaska: 49th)

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Alaska Americans for Prosperity is a grassroots organization that seeks to build a bolder and better state by bringing people together to build bottom-up movements around policy priorities at the state and local levels.

This will be accomplished by empowering concerned citizens to participate in the legislative process by building greater awareness of critical legislative opportunities for change and empowering them with engagement tools to make their voices heard in Alaska.

Without a spending cap, Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend is at serious risk of being reduced in order to fund the legislature’s lavish funding of government projects. Should Alaska’s residents have a reduced payment because of poor spending habits in Juneau?”
Americans for Prosperity-Alaska Community Engagement Director,
Sarah Hetemi